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Bullocks Freightmasters International Response Plan for Coronavirus

The circumstances relating to this virus is becoming serious.

We have developed the following action plan to protect employees and visitors to our company. The policy will enable us to continue to provide the services required to adequately assist our clients, subcontractors and service providers. These procedures are to enable us to provide a safe workplace and to minimise the impact of the coronavirus on our staff.

Hand washing and hygiene arrangements.

All employees have been made aware of the requirements and procedures to maintain personal hygiene. All visitors need to adhere to our processes and must use the hand wash facilities before
entering the Office area.


There will be no company international travel during this period until such time the Federal Government changes its advice on international travel.

Domestic travel will be extremely limited.

If staff decide to take leave and travel overseas privately, they must self-quarantine, at home, for 14 days.

For staff returning from overseas travel, the company policy is:- If staff are well after returning home from overseas, they can work remotely.


If staff feel un-well and feel they cannot run the risk to come to work but are well enough to work remotely, remote access will be arranged. Staff that show signs of illness must not come to work.

Remote access

Remote access will be made available via VPN using Windows Remote Desktop Services. Mobile phone numbers will be made available to clients and service providers to allow contact with
staff that are working remotely.

Non – Essential Meetings

All non-essential meetings should be cancelled and completed by phone/skype/messenger/email.

Casual front counter visitors

All visitors to the front counter must be asked if they have been overseas in the last 14 days and asked if they have been in contact with any coronavirus confirmed cases. If yes, that visitor must be asked to leave the office area. If no, the visitors need to comply with our personal hygiene policy before proceeding to the meeting areas.


Although a long term and pleasurable action of acknowledgement because of the contagious nature of this virus, handshakes should be avoided.

Staff & Client Functions

All staff and out of office hour event have been cancelled which included seminars. Education can be completed via webinars.

Staff Privacy

Personal privacy and health issues are to be handled with sensitivity and everyone is responsible to protect individual health information and other personal private matters of our staff and work colleagues. Data of this nature must be contained within our business.

Working Remotely

All staff members are currently attending our office and completing everyday work requirements. But it is likely working remotely will become necessary. In that case, we will send another communication advising contact numbers and email addresses.

Our Supply Chain

We are working closely with our service providers to ensure they have taken the necessary steps to develop containment procedures.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all in advance for your support as we continue to deal with this exceptional situation. If you have any queries on the above, please feel free to make contact.

Thank you,
Bullocks Freighmasters International.
19 March 2020