FCL/LCL Packing Declaration

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Unacceptable Packaging Material Statement

(Packaging material such as straw, peat, hay, chaff, used fruit & vegetable cartons are not permitted)
Have unacceptable packaging materials been used as packaging or dunnage in the consignment covered by this document?

Timber/Bamboo Packaging/Dunnage Statement

(Timber/bamboo packaging/dunnage includes: crates, cases, pallets, skids, and any other timber or bamboo used as a shipping aid)
Has timber/bamboo packaging/dunnage been used in consignments covered by this document?

Treatment Certification

(Only If Timber/Bamboo Packaging/Dunnage Is Declared In Question 2)
All Timber Packaging / Dunnage used in the consignment has been (please indicate below)

Container Cleanliness Statement

(for FCL/X consignments only)

The container(s) covered by this document has/have been cleaned and is/are free from material of animal and/or plant origin and soil.
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